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Sterek is good, Scissac is better.

So I have been convereted to the joys of Sterek (for those who are not familiar with the series "Teen Wolf, that is the ship name for Derek/Stiles).


I think (and I realize this is blasphemy to many TW fans) I like Scott/Issac better.  And find them hotter.

Esp when it is Dominant Isaac.

Off to hunt for fics in that category (as well as do laundry, clean the house and other not so much fun things, sigh)

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Sterek is actually the nickname for Stiles/Derek (St-Stiles, Erek-Derek). It's the biggest ship in Teen Wolf, and has like entire fandom lingo/talk etc. I enjoy quite a lot of it, especially the ones with a focus on pack dynamics, too. I enjoy Scott/Isaac a lot too! I don't see much Derek/Scott, actually. I've been reading a lot in that fandom in recent months. Scott/Isaac is becoming more popular, I think.

Oops, meant to say Stiles. Blames it on that I don't drink coffee.

Thanks, I have corrected that.

No, so far I've only seen Scott/Jackson (a few) but even fewer Derek/Scott. Mostly het or Scott from what I've seen (admittedly I am new to fandom so that might have something to do with it)

Yeah, Scott is often with Allison or Isaac. I enjoy both those ships, so it's all good. I have a fondness for Stiles, probably the smarts and sarcasm, so I tend to read a lot of Stiles/Derek as well as Stiles/Scott, Stiles/Danny, Stiles/Chris, Stiles/Peter, and Stiles/Isaac. There's a new trend starting of Stiles/Alpha Pack names, too, I noticed. I figure there will be more Scott/Isaac when the new season starts judging from some of the spoilers that hint at them becoming more BFF and Stiles and Scott's friendship being strained due to that. I hope whatever they do doesn't fuck up Scott+Stiles BFF because I love their dynamic a lot. I tend to only like Derek with Stiles or solo, though. LOL

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