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Harry/Dennis, ficlet
He’s been called a lot of things over the years, ‘boytoy’ is the least of them. None of those labels bother him because if they are true, then he will own them and if they are not, well who cares?. He’s not sure where that confidence comes from except that he’s always know he was loved and accepted. Even after Colin was gone, is gone, he knows that. Thanks to his lover, he knows he will see Colin again too, someday, though as protective as the man is that day will be a long way off.
It’s the reason he works in the outer office instead of even attempting the field. No way will Harry let him anywhere near a case. The Head Auror want’s Dennis wear he can see him, knows where he is. It isn’t lack of trust. Harry knowns that Dennis will never look at another, regardless of how many wizards in the Ministry stop to flirt with him. Of course, it has it’s drawbacks too. He’s had to learn, as Harry did, to see who wants to know him because he’s Dennis, and who wants to be close to him because Den has the Head Auror’s ear.

Molly is a different bird altogether. It didn’t take him long to figure out she would have welcomed him regardless, she lives to take in strays, but add to it that by keeping Den close, she kept Harry close? There was no way she would reject him, even as Den knew she still had the well hidden yen to have Harry for a son-in-law. Still, whether at the Burrow or the Ministry, he has had to learn to curb his natural affection and enthusiasm. Discretion is something he still has a problem with, always had with the exception of the DA. (Harry still wonders how a second year snuck into Hogwarts, Den will tell him, one day, maybe on their 50th anniversary).

So, no office tryst, no tumbles in the shed. Harry is sweet and proper in public away from the office too, a gentle peck on the lips and a protective arm around Dennis’ shoulders is all the public sees. The cock rings, and cages, plugs, collars and the like are for private. Only Harry gets to see him covered in cum, literally painted with it because Harry knows the best spells. He knows how to tie knots, and make Den beg. He is skilled at whispering things in passing, for Den’s ears only that have the boy aching to go home, Harry likes to tease. Only Harry delivers too, Den thinks as his boss, husband and lover, apparates them home and Den stumbles then finds his footing as well as a collar around his neck. A night in sounds just fine right now.


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