Can we stop re-writing history to make her so please?

For Fucks Sake.

Natalie Dormer (who played Anne in the Showtime series "The Tudors") makes her out to be such, as apparently does a new book coming out.

What the hell?

This is a woman who conspired to take another woman's husband (and crown). No, she did not do it alone. It takes two to tango and all that and Henry VIII was the devil.

And most certainly, Anne WAS framed for adultery and such. She was executed for crimes she did not commit. There is no doubt about that.

However, Ms. Dormer ignores the fact, once more, that she was not a good person. She slept with a married man, conspired with others to take him from his wife and so forth.

I have no problem acknowledging that she was strong within the constraints of her times, but this white washing to make her some sort of feminist saint/hero is sickening.

Acknowledge ALL OF IT. That she was a schemer, took another woman's husbad, and so forth, along with that she was genuinuely interested in religious reform.

Then I can respect you Ms. Dormer. Until then, quite frankly, in my opinion you are biased cow.

And the same goes for anyone who says, for example, Ted Kennedy was flawless. I had MAJOR ISUUES with some tributes (including some by my flist) who listed all his accomplishments, but did not include MANSLAUGHTER among other things.

I'm not one for making a saint out of someone. Everyone is good and bad and forgetting the bad to show only one part of that person does a disservice to us all.

Whatever happened to Baby Jane. The remake. Why?
Under this question falls the following:

NBC remake of 'The Munsters' to be called 'Mockingbird Lane"
Dirty Dancing remake
Ridley Scott going back to "Blade Runner'

But the tille one blows my mind. Really?  

Glee fic: Kurt/?,
Woke up from my nap with this in my head, any Glee fans want to tell me if it's worth continuing.

Fandom: Glee
Characters; Kurt, Paul(OC), appearances by Anna WIntour, Andre Leon Talley, Carole and Mercedes
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1031
Summary: Kurt, NYC, a guy, and Vogue.

Do I keep going?Collapse )

Pretty, pretty.

THAT is Jeremy Irvne, the best looking actor in "War Horse" and the still is from "Great Expectations".  This version has Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham and Ralph Fiennes as Magwitch.   To complete HPGOF old home week, it is directed by Mike Newell.

Asthma means to the ER I go.
I have not had a major Asthma flare up in 9 months but this morning, as in 3 a.m I woke up unable to breathe. My guy took me to ER.  I had to have 2 breathing treatments.  The ER doctor says they've had a lot of cases like this in the past few days due to the dust from Africa that is in the air.

I can breathe now, due to the treatments and the steroid shot, but my head hurts, Im tired, and my chest hurts.  I need chocolate and very gentle cuddles.  I would not say no to Dennis fic either but given HP fandom ignores him I will have to liive without.

Did that sound cranky?  If so, see the part about waking up at  3 a.m and the emergency room, and forgive me please.

In the wee small hours of the morning with Justin Beiber

When the whole wide world is fast asleep.

You get up and cook before it gets too  damn hot.

In my case:  Chocolate Butterscotch pudding (which is just homemade chocolate pudding topped with a layer of homemade butterscotch pudding

Slow Roasted Tomato-Basil-Cheddar Tart

Most of the makings of Tuna Nicoise Sandwich (the guy will just have to grill the tuna steaks as I am NOT going outside much less near a fire when It's already hot out there)

Buttermilk Jicama slaw (I used to think I hated cole slaw and potato salad, WRONG, I just hate mayo, those things made without it are good).

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Pomegranate punch (Just pomegranate juice and prosecco or any sparkling wine, and I'm filled 3 ice cube trays of the juice so it won't be wattery when we drink it).

I have added to the fill for the Captain America/Kurt GKM prompt.

Now for laundry and then I can just stay cool and by a fan (yes even with AC I need a fan it'st that damn hot)

Once there I will shred the new issue of "Rolling Stone".  I do not 'get' Justin Beiber.  White boy, runty one at that, with earring acting all ghetto stating he 'carries himself like a man nowl' wearing a wife beater (hun, you no got the arms for it) and such.  Spare me.  Please


Cava Sangria: A Saturday in the Kitchen.
The AC is on, has been for months, and I have not left the house all day.

Instead I have made:

Cava Sangria
Refrigerator Custard (no eggs, no gelatin. Lemon juice and the chill is what makes it set)
Mussels in white wine
Bruschetta with strrawberries and tomatoes (don't laugh, it is seriously good)
Butterflied chicken with herbs

The guy has grilled corn and zuchinni that I prepped.

I am now finishing up a wacky cake (vegan chocolate cake from a recipe that probably dates back to the depression).  With that and buttermilk ice cream in the freezer, I think I will be done.

Then it will be time to flop on the couch with the sangria and watch men's gymnastics and swimming.  The only two reasons I like olympic years.

Iron, Captain America and me.
My blood cell count is up to 10.5!!!  Go me!!

To give you the history: when I went to the ER last October it was 3.0.  That is incredilby low, dangerously so.  Then after 4 units of blood it was back up to 6.  In Dec it dropped to 5, so I had my 1st iron infusions.  Back up to 7.  In February back down to 6, so 2 more iron infusions. and then back up to 9 in 1st of March.

No iron infusions since then. and as of today the count is 10.5.

So FINALLY, I have held my own and not lost and in fact gained.

Which tells me the meds I was on prior to February were not controlling the impercptible bleeding that was happening.  The prednisone that I have been on since then, and now the new drug, they are.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

For the first time in AGES I have started writing again.  It's a Glee/Avengers crossover: Kurt/Captain America for a prompt meme fill.

Now if somoene would write Dennis Creevey/Ron, Bill, Harry or Draco slash, I'd be in heaven

P.S.  The New York Times Art Section SUCKS DONKEY DONG!  They gave a 'mediocre to fair' review of "Brave" and a glowing one to "Magic Mike?"

Tumblr? Why can't I create an account?
I go to the site for start up.

I enter email address, password

I give username, i hit start and nothing happens.

THis is suppose to be easy?

Dear Bristol: Please help me, I'm a little confused

You see, you say that we shouldn't change the thinking of a 1000 years or more.   In that case you wouldn't be allowed to vote, your mother wouldn't be allowed to run for office,   The emancipation of women only happened in the last century, after thousands of years of thought that women were inferior. 

So, you want to go back to that then, right?

ANd of course then blacks would be slaves again, and also considered inferior.  And of course you want that.

Also, children are better off with their father's involved, you said that.   Yet the father of your child is not involved in it's life.   And your father was involved, or so you imply, in your life yet you dropped out of high school, after getting pregnant.

So, I'm a little confused.

Or is it that you only want to choose to ignore the thousands of years of thinking when ignoring it supports your predisposed beliefs.  Much as the majority of organized Christian churches do when they choose to ignore the passages that make women chatal but choose to recognize those that make homosexuality an abomination.  

Funny thing that, picking and choosing which verses to enforce because they suit your motives.

One more thing, as troublesome as Glee may be, all the actors, producers and crew earn their own living and their fame; compared to you who have continued to exploit and be exploited by your parents.  Please explain how that makes you fit to judge anyone else.

You can see why I'm confused.   

The only thing that is clear about your blog rant is that you are just as much of an ignorant ass as your mother.

Which is just sad.


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