Ficlet: The way back (Harry/Dennis)

It matters not that he defeated Voldemort, all they care about is that he has made Dennis smile again. As he can and does do that, he is welcomed unreservedly. The rest of it takes adjustment. Too many memories of Uncle Vernon make Harry wary of Sunday’s on the sofa watching footie on the telly, at first. He forgets all that listening to Dennis’ vehemence about that team. Harry doesn’t think Dennis is capable of hate, but his boy comes close to that feeling regarding Arsenal. Then, as if to say he knows he takes it too seriously, Den gives Harry a sheepish smile. If Harry were good with words, which he isn’t, he’d tell Dennis that is one of the things he loves about him, that unbridled feeling. Instead, Harry will show him, making Dennis falter with words until he is reduced to moans. Not at the farm though, there Harry is the good future son-in-law. And in time, it becomes easier, so much so that Harry enjoys his days there.

Slowly, over that first year, Harry becomes re-acclimated to the Muggle world, finding many things to like now about it when he views it through Dennis’ eyes. Hermione may be Muggle born, but aside from awkward visits to her restored parents, his friend has fully made the leap into the Magical world. Den seems intent on keeping feet in both and manages with an adroitness that astounds Harry, taking and appreciating the best of each. So Friday nights become movie nights and Harry gets an enjoyable education in Bogart and Ealing Studios.

He also learns, as does Dennis, how to be in a relationship. How to hug when someone needs it, how to say “I’m sorry” and make amends. Silences that were once awkward when one or the other offended, now are comfortable, filled with hugs, private smiles meant only for the other, hands held while they walk along the edge of the woods.
There are other paths, unmarked, that they trod as well, lighting the way. Harry knows to take off on Colin’s birthday. That is the one day, not the Battle of Hogwarts, that Dennis aches and is near inconsolable for his brother. That is the time he needs Harry to be there, a quide out of his grief and back to the land of the living, what he has to live for. In his own way, Dennis does the same thing for Harry on the anniversary of Sirius falling, letting Harry rant about things that aren’t working right knowing the faulty clock or broom is not the issue, and that Harry is aware of that too. He will be there and listen and hug until a few days later when that smile returns and Harry is his best self again.

That is the main thing, they may need each other to bring them back from the dark places or to a world that they didn't trust at one point, but they never need a way back to each other, they never leave.

Harry/Dennis, ficlet

He’s been called a lot of things over the years, ‘boytoy’ is the least of them. None of those labels bother him because if they are true, then he will own them and if they are not, well who cares?. He’s not sure where that confidence comes from except that he’s always know he was loved and accepted. Even after Colin was gone, is gone, he knows that. Thanks to his lover, he knows he will see Colin again too, someday, though as protective as the man is that day will be a long way off.
It’s the reason he works in the outer office instead of even attempting the field. No way will Harry let him anywhere near a case. The Head Auror want’s Dennis wear he can see him, knows where he is. It isn’t lack of trust. Harry knowns that Dennis will never look at another, regardless of how many wizards in the Ministry stop to flirt with him. Of course, it has it’s drawbacks too. He’s had to learn, as Harry did, to see who wants to know him because he’s Dennis, and who wants to be close to him because Den has the Head Auror’s ear.

Molly is a different bird altogether. It didn’t take him long to figure out she would have welcomed him regardless, she lives to take in strays, but add to it that by keeping Den close, she kept Harry close? There was no way she would reject him, even as Den knew she still had the well hidden yen to have Harry for a son-in-law. Still, whether at the Burrow or the Ministry, he has had to learn to curb his natural affection and enthusiasm. Discretion is something he still has a problem with, always had with the exception of the DA. (Harry still wonders how a second year snuck into Hogwarts, Den will tell him, one day, maybe on their 50th anniversary).

So, no office tryst, no tumbles in the shed. Harry is sweet and proper in public away from the office too, a gentle peck on the lips and a protective arm around Dennis’ shoulders is all the public sees. The cock rings, and cages, plugs, collars and the like are for private. Only Harry gets to see him covered in cum, literally painted with it because Harry knows the best spells. He knows how to tie knots, and make Den beg. He is skilled at whispering things in passing, for Den’s ears only that have the boy aching to go home, Harry likes to tease. Only Harry delivers too, Den thinks as his boss, husband and lover, apparates them home and Den stumbles then finds his footing as well as a collar around his neck. A night in sounds just fine right now.

His best boy: Teddy, James Sirius, OC

He doesn’t remember a time when Uncle Harry wasn’t famous, and by extension James and Teddy. He does remember the first time it bothered him. It was at a Quidditch match and he was sleepy in James’ lap so Teddy took him, not even teasing him that he was bored. Someone (the Skeeter woman?) said something and then there was a flash and it blinded him. A few days later, in Diagon, when he went to visit Mum at work, people stared and he didn’t much like it.

He knew, even then, it wasn’t fair, Teddy hadn’t asked for it, and when the flash he had shielded Chris’ face. It affected him though, mainly because Teddy got teased and he felt like it was his fault. Since then, he’s tried not to be the reason Teddy or the Potter kids get talked about. True, every Remembrance Day there are pictures of his own Da, and then Da’s family, so Chris can’t avoid the spotlight entirely, but it’s not as bad as it is for Uncle Harry and the rest.

Only, at Hogwarts it kind of is and isn’t. Chris could hear the whispers on his very first full day, how can he avoid them being Professor Longbottom’s son. James makes it worse, heedless and blithely, as Chris is the only one of the firsties that the older boy singles out, when as a rule most students keep the socializing to their own year.

Second year is much the same, only his hero Teddy writes him more often, Chris thinks it’s because he sent him cards to cheer him up when Teddy and Victorie broke up, again. Maybe for the last time, too, as unlike all the others there does not seem to be any reconciliation on the horizon and if the papers are to be believed (which he knows nine times out of ten, they are not), the girl is dating quite a few men. Whatever the reason, Chris gets lots of letters and treats from Teddy. And James, who seems determined to match him.

And Hogsmead when, FINALLY, in his third year he gets to go. Sandwiched between Teddy and James and holding on to his idols’ hands for dear life as they both escort him around, Chris is in heaven, oblivious to envious looks from girls and boys alike. Not so much one girl who goes off in a huff, when Teddy declines to stay for an extra butterbeer, saying he has to make sure his best boy gets back safe and sound.

He thought he was just James’ best boy?

Hi guys

I remembered my password, finally.

So, to catch up..

I lost my job in March

At the same time it was found I had a shattered disc in my back, and due to having to jump through hoops, it took until June for me to have surgery, so for 3 months I was in a wheelchair

it has taken another 3 months of pt, to be able to walk.

Now that I am semi-functional again, I am looking for jobs.

And trying to get back into writing again, at least a drabble a month for now.

I hope you all are well

(and I missed asking for Ron/Dennis for my bday fics, oh well, such is life)

A ficlet for Yeaka; Neville/Draco

Pairing: Neville/Draco
Rating; NC/17 (probably an R, but just to be safe I am applying the higher rating)
Warnings: Dom Neville, Sub Draco, dirty talk, implied hand job, passing off screen mention of cross-dressing, mentions of rimming and desk sex, passing reference to Harry/Dennis Creevey in a D/S relationship
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, I am just playing with them for fun, not for profit
Inspired by Yeaka’s Neville/Draco. She introduced me to this pair, and for my money is the best at righting them (or for that matter any HP or Star Trek fanfic, esp smut). This is also a ‘Thank you’ to her for writing me a delicious Harry/Dennis

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Why can't Texas Weather ALWAYS be like this?

Strike that. 

What I mean is why can' tthe temperature be like this all the time (low of 40s, High temps no more than 72)?   Weather wise, we could use (and want)  a lot more rain.

Which brings up a mini-rant.  

At work (before Easter) this woman has been griping that we need rain, then when the forecast said rain on Easter Sunday (which we didn't get, mind you) she was "NOOOOO  It better not rain on Easter"

Make up your freaking mind.

Rant over.

I hope everyone is okay and well, esp those in the Boston area (and Waco).

I have been working mandatory overtime,  We were supposed to have to work this weekend but then the facilities department insisted (probably for the good) that they were required to check the fire alarms and sprinkler system this weekend.  So no work.

Instead, we left the house in the country to go further into the country (go figure).

Marble Fallls TX (which is very pretty but has LOUSY internet reception).   So I am writing this at a Starbucks.  Once I finish my drink, we are going back to the cabin and cooking shall ensue.

Last night we made 20 minute pcikled chili fennel shrimp.

Followed by Pan Roasted Chicken wth carrots and almonds

This morning the guys made breakfast for us, poached eggs over swiss chard


Pot roasted artichokes
Spring egg drop soup
Poached fish with basil tarragon sauce
Buttermilk Panna cotta
Pistachio shortbread.

Oh and finishing up S2 of Game Of Thrones.



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Sterek is good, Scissac is better.

So I have been convereted to the joys of Sterek (for those who are not familiar with the series "Teen Wolf, that is the ship name for Derek/Stiles).


I think (and I realize this is blasphemy to many TW fans) I like Scott/Issac better.  And find them hotter.

Esp when it is Dominant Isaac.

Off to hunt for fics in that category (as well as do laundry, clean the house and other not so much fun things, sigh)

blood orange margaritas


I also made "Italian Stuffed Cabbage" last night. I must admit to being surprised. I hate cabbage (beside roasted brussel sprouts) in general, and I loathed stuffed cabbage growing up.

However, this I liked. Possibly because tomato sauce makes everything better? Or because it is a tender meatball that is the stuffing and the cabbage is just one small (and light) layer?


Devil Chicken Thighs
Braised leeks
Herb salad
Best Chocolate Pudding.

Um did I mention Margaritas (and that I MIGHT) be on my second one?

New(ish) house, aka I moved (back): Also meatless meal and such

Is this a full circle moment?

Some years back my Great Great Uncle (actually some sort of cousin of my Dad's, I could never get the exact relationship on the family tree down exactly, to say that side of the family is dysfunctional would be an understatement) left us some land with 3 small cabins on it.

By us, I mean my parents, my brother and myself.

Then the economy tanked and:

My parents who were never interested in having a second home, did nothing
My brother who already owns 60 acres couldn't afford to keep it
And due to TX property taxes I couldn't either.

So, we moved out of the cabin that we were almost done renovating and back to the city and into an apartment.

In the interim, to pay the property taxes, we rented out the land for grazing and such.

Then this past fall, my Aunt and Uncle (who moved down here from Chicago 9 years ago) got tired of the infighting (for those who follow my family issues, this is the same Aunt and Uncle who helped me take in my nephew when he came out and his parents did nothing to stop the bullying at school or keep his grandparent aka my parents from 'praying for him to make the choice to be straight and thereby keep himself from going to hell'). The fighting was because my late relative did not leave specific portions of land to each of us but to all of us jointly.

So they bought out my parents and brother, got a lawyer who then did the (expensive) task of settling the titles and dividing ownership legally (thereby making the property taxes managable for me as my land is very small portion, the majority of the acreage is theirs which they are now deferring property taxes by keeping livestock aka goats on). My cousin and his wife (their youngest son and spouse) took the third cabin/cottage.

So in January, I moved back

It is a 40 minute commute both ways, but I can deal with it, even with the price of gas.

I have a house, small albeit (950 sq feet) with a double sided fireplace (one front facing Living area, the other my bedroom), and I am content.

Tonight, as I am finally feeling better (after having ear infections in both ears AND a sinus infection) though still tired (antibiotics sap me of energy and I saw Dr today and he extended length for another 10 days, so 2 more weeks of them), I am making dinner for Aunt, Uncle, cousin, his wife, her mother, and so forth.

So starting with dessert:

Chocolate olive oil cake (dairy and gluten free)

Mushroom and vegetable pot pie

Sunchocke, farro and chard hash

Roasted carrot and avocado salad with citrus dressing

Tomorrow: more cooking and baking (after sleeping in, I hope) and RPing.

ALSO: I don't think I've ever said but I am trying to do one meatless day a week, and at least one locavore meal a week. Thus far I have kept to that.