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New(ish) house, aka I moved (back): Also meatless meal and such
Is this a full circle moment?

Some years back my Great Great Uncle (actually some sort of cousin of my Dad's, I could never get the exact relationship on the family tree down exactly, to say that side of the family is dysfunctional would be an understatement) left us some land with 3 small cabins on it.

By us, I mean my parents, my brother and myself.

Then the economy tanked and:

My parents who were never interested in having a second home, did nothing
My brother who already owns 60 acres couldn't afford to keep it
And due to TX property taxes I couldn't either.

So, we moved out of the cabin that we were almost done renovating and back to the city and into an apartment.

In the interim, to pay the property taxes, we rented out the land for grazing and such.

Then this past fall, my Aunt and Uncle (who moved down here from Chicago 9 years ago) got tired of the infighting (for those who follow my family issues, this is the same Aunt and Uncle who helped me take in my nephew when he came out and his parents did nothing to stop the bullying at school or keep his grandparent aka my parents from 'praying for him to make the choice to be straight and thereby keep himself from going to hell'). The fighting was because my late relative did not leave specific portions of land to each of us but to all of us jointly.

So they bought out my parents and brother, got a lawyer who then did the (expensive) task of settling the titles and dividing ownership legally (thereby making the property taxes managable for me as my land is very small portion, the majority of the acreage is theirs which they are now deferring property taxes by keeping livestock aka goats on). My cousin and his wife (their youngest son and spouse) took the third cabin/cottage.

So in January, I moved back

It is a 40 minute commute both ways, but I can deal with it, even with the price of gas.

I have a house, small albeit (950 sq feet) with a double sided fireplace (one front facing Living area, the other my bedroom), and I am content.

Tonight, as I am finally feeling better (after having ear infections in both ears AND a sinus infection) though still tired (antibiotics sap me of energy and I saw Dr today and he extended length for another 10 days, so 2 more weeks of them), I am making dinner for Aunt, Uncle, cousin, his wife, her mother, and so forth.

So starting with dessert:

Chocolate olive oil cake (dairy and gluten free)

Mushroom and vegetable pot pie

Sunchocke, farro and chard hash

Roasted carrot and avocado salad with citrus dressing

Tomorrow: more cooking and baking (after sleeping in, I hope) and RPing.

ALSO: I don't think I've ever said but I am trying to do one meatless day a week, and at least one locavore meal a week. Thus far I have kept to that.


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