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Why can't Texas Weather ALWAYS be like this?

Strike that. 

What I mean is why can' tthe temperature be like this all the time (low of 40s, High temps no more than 72)?   Weather wise, we could use (and want)  a lot more rain.

Which brings up a mini-rant.  

At work (before Easter) this woman has been griping that we need rain, then when the forecast said rain on Easter Sunday (which we didn't get, mind you) she was "NOOOOO  It better not rain on Easter"

Make up your freaking mind.

Rant over.

I hope everyone is okay and well, esp those in the Boston area (and Waco).

I have been working mandatory overtime,  We were supposed to have to work this weekend but then the facilities department insisted (probably for the good) that they were required to check the fire alarms and sprinkler system this weekend.  So no work.

Instead, we left the house in the country to go further into the country (go figure).

Marble Fallls TX (which is very pretty but has LOUSY internet reception).   So I am writing this at a Starbucks.  Once I finish my drink, we are going back to the cabin and cooking shall ensue.

Last night we made 20 minute pcikled chili fennel shrimp.

Followed by Pan Roasted Chicken wth carrots and almonds

This morning the guys made breakfast for us, poached eggs over swiss chard


Pot roasted artichokes
Spring egg drop soup
Poached fish with basil tarragon sauce
Buttermilk Panna cotta
Pistachio shortbread.

Oh and finishing up S2 of Game Of Thrones.



I'm glad Jaime got his hand lopped off. He pushed a child, A CHILD, out a window, he should have both hands and his dick cut off, IMO.


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