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His best boy: Teddy, James Sirius, OC
He doesn’t remember a time when Uncle Harry wasn’t famous, and by extension James and Teddy. He does remember the first time it bothered him. It was at a Quidditch match and he was sleepy in James’ lap so Teddy took him, not even teasing him that he was bored. Someone (the Skeeter woman?) said something and then there was a flash and it blinded him. A few days later, in Diagon, when he went to visit Mum at work, people stared and he didn’t much like it.

He knew, even then, it wasn’t fair, Teddy hadn’t asked for it, and when the flash he had shielded Chris’ face. It affected him though, mainly because Teddy got teased and he felt like it was his fault. Since then, he’s tried not to be the reason Teddy or the Potter kids get talked about. True, every Remembrance Day there are pictures of his own Da, and then Da’s family, so Chris can’t avoid the spotlight entirely, but it’s not as bad as it is for Uncle Harry and the rest.

Only, at Hogwarts it kind of is and isn’t. Chris could hear the whispers on his very first full day, how can he avoid them being Professor Longbottom’s son. James makes it worse, heedless and blithely, as Chris is the only one of the firsties that the older boy singles out, when as a rule most students keep the socializing to their own year.

Second year is much the same, only his hero Teddy writes him more often, Chris thinks it’s because he sent him cards to cheer him up when Teddy and Victorie broke up, again. Maybe for the last time, too, as unlike all the others there does not seem to be any reconciliation on the horizon and if the papers are to be believed (which he knows nine times out of ten, they are not), the girl is dating quite a few men. Whatever the reason, Chris gets lots of letters and treats from Teddy. And James, who seems determined to match him.

And Hogsmead when, FINALLY, in his third year he gets to go. Sandwiched between Teddy and James and holding on to his idols’ hands for dear life as they both escort him around, Chris is in heaven, oblivious to envious looks from girls and boys alike. Not so much one girl who goes off in a huff, when Teddy declines to stay for an extra butterbeer, saying he has to make sure his best boy gets back safe and sound.

He thought he was just James’ best boy?


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